Comparing Toilet Paper Sale Prices? Use This Tool for the Best Deal

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Different Brands = Different Roll Sizes

If two toilet paper brands are on sale at the same time for a similar price, which one should we buy? With personal toilet paper preferences aside, we would choose one that yields the best value. However, like cars, toilet paper comes in numerous brands, roll size, thickness, etc.

As you can see, it’s not always easy to figure out which toilet paper is a better deal. Therefore, we have designed a simple Toilet Paper Cost Comparison Tool below. The tools allows you to compare and determine which toilet paper brand offers the best deal easily.

Toilet Paper Cost Comparison Tool

Fill in blanks below and compare up to three toilet paper brands. Reload the page to clear the fields.

Notes & Tips about Using Less Toilet Paper

Comparison tool above takes the number of plies of each toilet paper into the equation. However, the calculation has a slight caveat because it stipulates each ply to be of equal quality. In reality, a 2-ply toilet paper may be consisted of two lower quality sheets of tissues. A 3-ply version usually sandwiches a cheap layer with two higher quality tissues to form each sheet. Some 1-ply toilet paper feels softer than low-quality 2-ply ones. While the comparison tool above focuses on finding the lowest price of what you input, the best deal may not always provide the best feel or fit for everyone.

Did you know that toilet paper was invented in 1857? It has since been a necessity to meet a specific human body function for more than a century.

Most of us are under the impression that toilet papers are made from recycled paper. However, a report claims some toilet paper manufacturers are using less recycled material these days thus more trees are cut down unnecessarily (The Guardian 2019).

If you care about the environment, a bidet toilet seat may be a better alternative than the soft white paper rolls. After all, toilet paper is designed to serve its purpose only once. There aren’t many things we buy and use for a few seconds and flush down the toilet on a daily basis, are there?

Have you ever used a bidet?

What is the most important factor when buying toilet papers?