Cut Cable TV with YouTube

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Did you know 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  This means in less than 24 hours, YouTube will have enough videos for you to stream for the rest of your life even if you spend every waking moment watching its videos.


Why YouTube?

YouTube is a great teacher when you want to learn something new or need help with your DIY projects. Or you simply want to find our reviews of products which you plan to purchase. Some of its videos are also quite entertaining because many people want to hit the jackpot by becoming a YouTube star (remember Gangnam Style?…). Even though it is free, the video quality does vary drastically from one video to another so it doesn’t have the quality consistency when compared to regular cable TV or Netflix. YouTube does offer a free movie section but the selections are more dated than Netflix.

If you have children who love video games such as Minecraft, the story is completely different. Children enjoy watching videos posted on YouTube.  Why? Because regular TV doesn’t show videos of other people playing video games such as Minecraft, GTA and Super Mario, etc., but YouTube does. This type of video showing video game play has surged in popularity and is causing a shift in a younger viewer’s TV watching habit. Some popular YouTubers with a good subscriber base post their videos every week and could easily hit over 5 digit views within hours of their uploads. The definition of TV for many children is now partially combining watching YouTube videos to get their TV fix.


Not for everyone

A parent’s worst nightmare could be leaving their young children alone browsing inappropriate and explicit videos on YouTube or the Internet. Even if the video title or thumbnail sounds or look child friendly, you should never take a chance and let your youngster browse on their own. If you child is older, you should at least set up the “Restricted Mode” in YouTube (you can find it at the bottom of the webpage) because you never know what their curiosity could lead them into exploring.  Don’t get too comfortable with the filter though because YouTube states their filter is not 100% accurate and our personal experience confirms that.



If you plan to cut cable TV with YouTube, you need to live with YouTube’s video quality consistency issues and content filtering challenges (especially for children). If you take children out of the equation, YouTube is a viable option to replace your TV. As long as you don’t mind spending a little time to locate what you want to watch. However, its lack of drama series and older movie selection might not work for some people even if it’s free of charge. Click here for free YouTube movies and TV shows.








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