Use Netflix to Replace Cable TV

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Netflix in Canada costs only a fraction of a regular cable TV package but offers plenty of tube time in return as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection with plenty of bandwidth allowance. So if you are currently paying for a TV subscription, you can easily use Netflix to replace cable TV.

According to a recent CBC report, Netflix’s low monthly rate and growing list of shows and movies have attracted 3.9 million household subscriptions since their launch in 2010. More than 6 million Canadians are using it. (Source: MTM and Solutions Research Group Consultants). And the number of new and trial subscribers is rising quickly.

With Netflix, you can view their video streaming service through a great number of devices. These devices include PC, Smartphones, Tablets, DVD/Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, and even gaming consoles. Most of these devices have Netflix pre-installed. This make Netflix’s 1-month free trial easy to set up. There is no contract with Netflix so you can cancel anytime. By subscribing to Netflix, you can enjoy watching hours of drama or movies as long as you don’t mind the selection is a little dated. Luckily, Netflix also distributes popular original programming such as House of Cards, Marco Polo and Orange is the New Black plus many upcoming series (there’s a Marvel and Netflix partnership at the time of writing this article) which you can’t find on other TV networks.

Catching up with all these original programming distributed by Netflix alone might take a while, thankfully Netflix’s streaming service is unlimited. The only limitation with Netflix is the limit of your Internet bandwidth allowance.

To conclude, you can cancel your cable TV subscription with a big smile on your face because you know you will save hundreds of dollars per year by switching to Netflix. For the latest movies and episodes from Netflix, click here.


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