Go Mobile Only to Cut Home Phone Bill

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Ditch your landline! Go mobile only by using your mobile/cell phone to cut home phone bill.

Why pay for two separate bills each month when you can easily get away with one device?  More and more people are cancelling their landline because it saves money and it is so simple to do if you already have a mobile/cell phone plan.  No wonder a recent CBC report indicates that more than 30% of Canadians will have no landline telephone in the near future.

If you really miss using a regular telephone at home, you can get a Bluetooth enabled cordless phone and pair it with your mobile phone.  Make sure your cordless phone has multiple handsets so you can answer and make phone calls in different rooms of your place, just like a regular telephone, all via your mobile phone.  You can also have a second phone number on your mobile phone by installing a free VoIP App.  This way, you can keep your personal contacts from another group of contacts such as your customers or business contacts.

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