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Looking for decent Free Live Sports Streams?

Have you ever visited websites that promise free live sports streams but you were greeted with tons of unwanted and endless window pop-ups that frustrate the heck out of you? If so, we have located a perfect website for you!

Please be warned, if you picture a hassle-free website for watching live sports channels for free (no pun intended), you will likely be disappointed. The truth is, there is no free lunch when it comes to streaming free live sports because these websites are built to earn your clicks for their revenues. In order to maximize their revenue, these websites have resorted to trick the visitors to click on their links. However, we can limit the time-wasting pop-ups by filtering out websites filled with these annoyances (some are more aggressive than others and may even contain malware). In addition, we need to figure out the trick to bypass the window pop-ups efficiently. Do not worry, we have gotten you covered in both!

The chosen website listed below is easier to navigate as compared to all other websites tested. With this website, you can stream all sorts of live sports games including basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball, soccer and more from around the world. Just follow the steps and tips below to improve your navigation experience.


The Best Free Live Sports Streaming website is…

After vigorous research and comparing a large number of websites that promise free live sports streams, there is only one website that stood out from the crowd. It’s called:



The website has a user-friendly interface so it is simple to use. The best part about using this website is: its pop-up ads are manageable (step-by-step instructions below). Just a word of caution, this particular website did not trigger any malware or virus warnings from the anti-virus software during our initial testing. However, a threat was detected once in subsequent visits, most likely from the ad pop-ups. To ensure your computer security, make sure your anti-virus software is running while visiting this website.


Which Live Sports Channels can I watch?

The website contains multiple sources of streams including well-known sports channels and channels from various professional leagues including baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer and much more. Current channel lineup:


Tips on watching these free live sports games

Save your time and leave the frustration behind. Here are the recommended steps to watch all the free live sports streams in the website:


I can not access the website, why?

Some regions and countries may forbid access to this website due to its governance over copyrighted contents. If you can not access this website, online sources indicate you can bypass the restriction by adding a free “VPN” Add-on (Firefox) or Extension (Google Chrome).



In the sea of websites that claim to offer free live sports streams, the website listed above is in the top-tier because of the following reasons:

  • It is simple to use (user interface is clean; channel/streaming status is clearly indicated)
  • Its pop-ups are easier to get through than all other websites
  • Most streaming sources are working
  • It offers wide-range of live sports games/matches
  • It showcases sports from around the world so it’s easy to find something you like
  • Many channels are well-known in North America

Please note, only the website name is mentioned above (no direct link). You should exercise caution before visiting the website as it may contain contents that are copyrighted or possible malware as mentioned above. If you decide against trying out the above website for any reason. You are always welcome to check out our list of free TV shows and movies in Canada, it’s completely free & legal!


* provides names to third-party websites with video, television and movie content found publicly available on the Internet only. These names are provided solely as a convenience to you and not as an endorsement by of the contents of such third-party websites. is in no way affiliated with the third-party websites.  All users agree that all access and use of contents from third-party websites is at their own risk.


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