How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill?

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If you mainly use your cell/mobile phone for texting and data, it seems like a waste of money to have a voice plan.  Sadly, it’s hard to find a data-only plan for mobile phones in Canada.  However, there is a workaround to get data-only plan for your mobile phone.  Although data-only plans aren’t available for your mobile phone, most carriers are willing to offer data-only plans for tablets.  So the idea here is somehow get the data-only plan to work on your mobile phone. Please note your mobile/cell phone needs to be a smartphone for this setup to work.

First of all, you need to compare tablet plans and decide which data-only plan suites your needs.  You need to choose the plan carefully because some tablet plans are actually more expensive than your voice plan with data.  Since you are giving up both voice calling and texting by going with data only, you need to think really hard about whether it’s worth the savings.  As you are deciding, you need to make sure the SIM card for the chosen tablet plan is also compatible with your mobile phone.  Once you decide on a tablet data plan, you need to get a new SIM card for your mobile phone.  You will then contact the carrier to set up the tablet data-only plan or activate a pre-paid plan.  You would then insert the activated SIM card into your mobile phone and now you have a data-only mobile phone.

Just in case you need voice calling, you can install a mobile APP called Fongo (who is also the parent company behind free VoIP phone service:  Fongo uses VoIP technology so you will be able to make voice calls on your mobile phone using your data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.  Voice calls made to most Canadian cities are free.  Texting works as long as the recipient has Fongo app installed on their device.  On a side note, given Fongo’s ability to run on Wi-Fi only, you can actually turn your iPod or iPad into a mobile device for texting and talking.  If you need a more robust texting app, Google Voice is a great choice.

Instead of paying for a needless voice plan, going with a data-only plan should cut cell phone bill.  At the same time, you are really not sacrificing the voice calling and texting abilities of your phone because there are capable mobile apps that would fill the bill nicely.


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